hi at hamishi dot asia


my year so far has been really good
I'm on a sports team and we won, this is real life, wow
i feel so rough, fuck me with nothing but lebron’s headband on
you can buy anything online
Failure is not an option
drop out of school to become a fake Grimes account on twitter
One line that you can hold onto
U can't win on Facebook or Twitter there is no end game

Well. You live, you learn. Play with fire
shut your eyes and burst into flames
i like the internet because it makes finding hot people easier
there’s no such thing as a free wifi connection
but i found god, he was alone, lost and insecure, smoking his last cigarette
The first giant-octopus President of the United States
blackest president in the game
open your eyes
looking comes before pointing
Saw a left-handed cop yesterday
if the shoe fits fuck it
“girl you are an attractive nuisance and are hereby summoned to appear before court with that fine ass”
I want to go bald with you
i want to have always thought black people are really cool
i want you to try to be a better person than your parent of the same gender.
But both my parents have had pierced nipples since I was a teen.

on the internet you can be vindicated for actions even so small and that s beautiful
and There's an elephant in the room named Our Collective Unconscious Desire for Rush Hour 4
you are happy now
you are girl who makes jokes and likes to stay in on Saturday nights making good jokes with me.
we think about how much pizza we would have to eat for it to kill us
everything is perfect

"Ayo DJ, play me some white noise it's getting close to my bedtime."
You aren't going to change the world with your big dick
just fuck me inside the crust of a stuffed crust pizza
Ur beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you that you're a bit chubby
and i Can't sleep because I've got all my life to live and all my love to give
hungry slept walked last night, couldn't find any food so I ate three quick eze and half a pack of tic tacs
four leaf clover salad with vinegar
i'm a global girl in a global world

When the flaw or fault becomes the main feature

i googled 'wisdom' and began to assume the person bagging my groceries was doing it slightly slower than normal because she was multitasking 'cursing' me
all we ever want to do is remind people that they are great
putting karma to the test

u think these raw trap beats r guna produce themselves

overcome self doubt and move to execute the next plan
You say words now that if your grandchildren could hear it would curdle their blood.
when the dalai lama is reincarnated will his reincarnation use the same twitter account?
When dead people still have a Facebook
he died doing what he loved, 9/11

ignore negative feedback and make it happen
Making art is learning how to be humiliated in new and exciting ways.
Did you know that a recent study showed that everyone is
Congrats for being alive and helping others on earth i love you
I'm a legend at Taco Bell